TypeChat Examples

TypeChat's Natural Language Interfaces in .NET

Using TypeChat's TypeScript Schema approach to build LLM powered AI features in .NET


An intelligent agent for a coffee shop. This sample translates user intent into a list of coffee order items.


A sentiment classifier which categorizes user input as negative, neutral, or positive. This is TypeChat's "hello world!"


An intelligent scheduler. This sample translates user intent into a sequence of actions to modify a calendar.


An intelligent agent for taking orders at a restaurant. Similar to the coffee shop example, but uses a more complex schema to model more complex linguistic input.


Translate calculations into simple programs given an API that can perform the 4 basic mathematical operators. This example highlights TypeChat's program generation capabilities.


An app for playing music, creating playlists, etc. on Spotify through natural language. Each user intent is translated into a series of actions in JSON which correspond to a simple dataflow program, where each step can consume data produced from previous step.


TypeChat Videos

Get Started quickly with adding LLM-powered AI Features to your .NET Apps

autoquery c# dev servicestack

Create a Voice Activated Coffee Shop in .NET!

Part two in the series where we walk through a recreation of the TypeChat example build in .NET.

We show how you can utilize various different Speech-to-Text services with the ServiceStack.AI and ServiceStack.GoogleCloud libraries, and pass that text to be processed by Microsoft's TypeChat.

We demonstrate how TypeChat validates the output from OpenAI's APIs to ensure the JSON returned matches a specified TypeScript schema that is dynamically generated.

autoquery c# dev servicestack

Building TypeScript's TypeChat CoffeeShop in .NET

In this video, we'll cover how to effectively model your data to capture all customer-orderable products.

We’ll walk you through the steps to dynamically generate a TypeScript schema and make use of AutoQuery for a quick and robust implementation.

Plus, discover how TypeChat integrates seamlessly with OpenAI APIs for advanced natural language processing capabilities.